I be Nate Cosby, CEO of COSBY & SONS PRODUCTIONS. I wrote the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated COW BOY at Archaia, BUDDY COPS at Dark Horse, and co-wrote PIGS at Image.
In association with Rovio Entertainment, I oversee the American production of ANGRY BIRDS comics.
In association with Dynamite Comics, my production company edits and packages the Gold Key line (TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER, MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER, SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM, DOCTOR SPEKTOR) and King Features titles (FLASH GORDON, KINGS WATCH).
I was nominated for a Harvey Award for co-writing/editing JIM HENSON'S THE STORYTELLER at Archaia. I used t'write for Disney publishing, and when I edited at Marvel, I took care'a the Harvey-Award winning THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER, Eisner-Award winning OZ books, SPIDER-MAN, SUPER HEROES, X-MEN FIRST CLASS, PET AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE and a buncha others.
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Big-time comics have the same problem pro golf/baseball has: They’re aimed at the demo they’ve already got. Not enough effort for new eyes.

What’d Star Trek do? They realized their audience was getting smaller & surlier, so they hit the reboot button, while still respecting fans.

The original wave of Ultimate comics was a stellar example of books built to introduce new readers to what makes superhero comics COOL.

@brianmbendis' 1st 50 issues of Ultimate Spidey should be mandatory reading for anyone looking to reintroduce iconic characters.

RT @brianmbendis & the second 50 are mandatory reading for anybody who wants to be annoyed about how much I screwed up ultimate deadpool :-)

I’d retweet that, but I’m worried you’d get mad at me for cutting and pasting. :)

There’s a HUGE young audience out there not reading comics because they’re not sure what to pick up. It’s nowhere near clear enough.

I don’t know the exact number, but I have no doubt that the majority of books sold in comic shops now are not for children. That sucks.

"Kids" comics is a made-up stigma, shorthand for "comics that don’t say ass or damn." They have at least equal worth to "adult" comics.

I respect long-term comic continuity. It is a valid thing for people to care about & follow their whole lives if they want to…

…and I respect the collecting aspect of comics as well. Everyone should have the right to be a completist. Makes sense.

But can you imagine if “kid” movies were treated the way “kid” comics are treated? The Incredibles would’ve been on 200 screens TOPS.

Movie studios don’t treat the kid audience as an afterthought. The slate of upcoming animated/3D/comic bookish movies is STAGGERING. Why?

Because KIDS WANT TO BE ENTERTAINED. If ONLY mainstream comics had something that would appeal to children…like superheroes or something.

Making comics is fun. Making comics for kids is REALLY fun. And talking about how to make things better’s not quite as fun, but still fun.

Sometimes it’s time to shut up & make the comics. But I think it’s a good idea (and can be fun!) to use a public forum to bring up ideas.

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