I be Nate Cosby, CEO of COSBY & SONS PRODUCTIONS. I wrote the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated COW BOY at Archaia, BUDDY COPS at Dark Horse, and co-wrote PIGS at Image.
In association with Rovio Entertainment, I oversee the American production of ANGRY BIRDS comics.
In association with Dynamite Comics, my production company edits and packages the Gold Key line (TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER, MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER, SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM, DOCTOR SPEKTOR) and King Features titles (FLASH GORDON, KINGS WATCH).
I was nominated for a Harvey Award for co-writing/editing JIM HENSON'S THE STORYTELLER at Archaia. I used t'write for Disney publishing, and when I edited at Marvel, I took care'a the Harvey-Award winning THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER, Eisner-Award winning OZ books, SPIDER-MAN, SUPER HEROES, X-MEN FIRST CLASS, PET AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE and a buncha others.
This blog is dedicated to exactly what I'm thinking at all times. I'm on Twitter as @NateCosboom.
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I loved Uncle Barry. He was my favorite human in the world.
(incidentally, J’onn’s my favorite alien, Arthur’s my favorite fish, Diana’s my favorite…clay…person?)
I could never keep up with Barry when he went full-speed. He always encouraged me, believed in me, taught me his tricks. But we both knew he’d always be faster.
When he died, it took me less than a nanosecond to realize that it was all on me. They were all gonna look to me and say “Ok. Your turn. Run fast, don’t screw up.”
I put on his suit, pulled on his boots…and proceeded to screw up in ways I never thought possible. I sucked royally. But I kept running. Got better. Then betterer. Guess I’m pretty good at being a hero now. But I’ll never be him.
I’m the fastest man alive. Barry’s been dead for years. And I STILL can’t keep up with him.
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