I be Nate Cosby, CEO of COSBY & SONS PRODUCTIONS. I wrote the Eisner and Harvey Award-nominated COW BOY at Archaia, BUDDY COPS at Dark Horse, and co-wrote PIGS at Image.
In association with Rovio Entertainment, I oversee the American production of ANGRY BIRDS comics.
In association with Dynamite Comics, my production company edits and packages the Gold Key line (TUROK: DINOSAUR HUNTER, MAGNUS: ROBOT FIGHTER, SOLAR: MAN OF THE ATOM, DOCTOR SPEKTOR) and King Features titles (FLASH GORDON, KINGS WATCH).
I was nominated for a Harvey Award for co-writing/editing JIM HENSON'S THE STORYTELLER at Archaia. I used t'write for Disney publishing, and when I edited at Marvel, I took care'a the Harvey-Award winning THOR THE MIGHTY AVENGER, Eisner-Award winning OZ books, SPIDER-MAN, SUPER HEROES, X-MEN FIRST CLASS, PET AVENGERS, SPIDER-MAN LOVES MARY JANE and a buncha others.
This blog is dedicated to exactly what I'm thinking at all times. I'm on Twitter as @NateCosboom.
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The thrilling tale of a drunk space cop demoted to the NYPD, and a 1970s police android recommissioned after being in a closet for 32 years (his inventor blew all the grant money at a Jersey horse-track)! They fight monsters! They quote Wu-Tang lyrics! They parallel park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BUDDY COPS is out THIS WEEK in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #14, alongside many other stories that are no doubt better than BUDDY COPS. The creators of this critically-panned-and/or-ignored opus, Nate Cosby and Doc “Evan” Shaner, sat down and answered each others dumb questions. These are the same questions that would have been asked by 60 Minutes, if 60 Minutes had asked them:

NATE: Why do we know each other, and why are we working together on this?

EVAN: We first started talking when you were suggesting things to draw to folks on twitter. You suggested drawing the Thing fighting a bad guy while holding an ice cream and because I can’t resist drawing Aunt Petunia’s favorite nephew I went for it. I sent it to you and I think we were talking about Buddy Cops within a day or two.

NATE: Why do you like Popeye and Captain Marvel to such a mind-crippling degree?

EVAN: Because I have little else in my life to occupy my time and attention. Plus they’re two of the greatest characters in popular fiction.

NATE: You gotta go out bar-hopping for 5 hours with 3 fictional characters. You cannot pick Uranus, T.A.Z.E.R., Captain Marvel or Popeye. Who y’doing car bombs with.

EVAN: Easy: Thing. Volstagg. Gorilla Man. If I don’t die at the end that
would be an awful lot of fun.


EVAN: Between the two of us, who is T.A.Z.E.R. and who is Uranus?

NATE: I am Uranus, purely because I thought to myself “I’ll just have this character wear a helmet and say stupid stuff I’d say.” I didn’t know you personally at the time, so you aren’t meant to be T.A.Z.E.R. But you asking this question is clearly you trying to say that you relate on a personal level to a 1970s android that constantly breaks apart. And if this is a cry for help…I’m here, Doc.

EVAN: What’s your favorite Buddy or Cop movie?

NATE: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I got a lot of ‘em. Die Hard (of course), Die Hard With A Vengeance (ZEUS!!!!), 48 Hrs (which is kuh-raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy racist), Miami Vice (the show), Se7en, Hot Fuzz, Heat (well, most of Heat), Narc, The French Connection, The Untouchables, LA Confidential, Dirty Harry, The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (original version, obviously), The Fugitive. And I’ll include The A-Team because I include A-Team on all my lists. Not just movie lists. ALL lists.

EVAN: Let’s say we’re able to cross the Buddy Cops over with any character or characters, regardless of publisher, doesn’t even have to be comics. Who do you pick and why?

NATE: I would interject the Buddy Cops into Downton Abbey. Uranus would attempt to woo Lady Mary away from Matthew while posing as an American spices baron (“I deal in…um, mostly the stuff they put on buffalo wings?”) and T.A.Z.E.R. would pose as his valet (“I have a condition that gives my skin the appearance of molded plastic. Please do not inquire.”) The entire ruse would go astray when Uranus gets drunk on plum wine and wakes up married to Maggie Smith.

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