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Started feelin’ bad, being the only one that gets to see all this BEYOOTIFUL art. So here’s a little taste of work-in-progress art from Archaia & Henson Company’s JIM HENSON STORYTELLER…just some peeks!

PUSS IN BOOTS: Art by Jennifer Meyer (story by Marjorie Liu):

THE MILKMAID AND HER PAIL: Art & Story by Colleen Coover:

OLD FIRE DRAGAMAN: Art by Tom Fowler (story by Jeff Parker):

OLD NICK & THE PEDDLER: Story & Art by Roger Langridge:

And if you’re REALLY good, I’ll show you the GORGEOUS final cover reeeeeeeeally soon…:)


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    show on HBO. The fairytale creatures were awesome!
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    Puss in Boots looks amazing
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    Crazy intimidated/honored to be a part of this book, and this preview only encourages that on both sides.
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